My husband, Jim, and I were married in August
1970.  We decided to spend our honeymoon
traveling.  Jim was retired and we were both
looking for adventure.  As it turned out we
chose to come to California to see the gold

We headed to Death Valley.  Something
about it caught our imagination and, like a
magnet, we were drawn there.  While we were
at Furnace Creek Ranch someone told us
about a ghost town called Ballarat.  We had
to see this place, so we packed up our
camper and headed out.  Once there we met
the “Jones family’ (caretakers at Ballarat at
that time) and the rest is history.  
Jim and Norma Weston
We loved the Panamint Valley and the mountains so much that we decided to make this area our home.
We then met the old timer, Harry E. Briggs, who asked Jim to help him do his assessment work and that got
us into the Panamint Mountains. This was in June, 1971.

We located a mine and built our own cabin in 1972 and from that time on we had a wonderful existence
for 30 years. Unfortunately, we got older and we had to leave in 2002. But we have a lifetime of wonderful
memories that will be with us until our time here on Earth is done.
We are so glad that we followed our dreams.