I'm a born and raised native of New Mexico,
the Pammer is a born and raised native of
Washington but now claims to be a native of
New Mexico. With exception to our travels,
we've made New Mexico our home base since
1970.  The Pammer is a retired elementary
school teacher and I'm retired from a life of
being a Jack of many trades.

Friends of ours are responsible for our being in
Death Valley.  One set we met in Arizona
where we were wintering and volunteering at
Cartchner Caverns State Park.  They had an
appointment to volunteer in Death Valley
the following winter but, because of a family  
situation, would be unable to meet their obligation so asked if we would be interested in filling in for
them. Other friends we met while volunteering at Lake Billy Chinook, Palisades State Park in Oregon.  They
had been coming to Death Valley for many years and extolled the virtues of this place so well that we
knew that we wanted to come and spend time.  This is our fourth winter volunteering here in the valley
since those occasions.
Lloyd and Pam Madson